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Self-Defense Training in Burlington, MA

Read these testimonials from some of our students and friends, then take the plunge and sign-up for self-defense training in Burlington, MA!


Self-Defense Training in Burlington, MA
Karate For Kids in Burlington, MA

Sensei's here are top notch gentle, caring, and extremely knowledgeable. everything you want out of a person teaching a sensitive subject.
Gavin C

The training at Pence Self-Defense is amazing. Sensei Kevin brings decades of martial arts experience to the mat, and shares it with his students in a way that shows how deeply he loves what he does. He is skilled in teaching kids and adults alike, and is truly invested in their development as martial artists and as citizens. If you've ever thought about trying martial arts, this is the place to do it. You don't have to be in great shape. It doesn't matter how old you are -- You just have to be willing to try, and once you try, you'll be hooked. V

Kevin Pence best martial arts instructor in New England. I'm lucky to be called his student.

Abu Toppin

Great Academy for young and old ran by incredible martial artists my grandson is 7 years old and it was the best thing for him .

Martial Arts in Burlington, MA

Helpful and patient. Kevin Pence is caring to his students. He communicates with the parents and is understanding. I would recommend Pence Self Defense to everyone.
Lydia Brown

I have been a student at the Pence Self Defense Academy for 5+ years .I just wanted to say it has been a great experience for me and so many others I've had the chance to see grow. I have met many people who have inspired me through the years, but the lessons I have received here I could not totally put in words ,all I can say to feel the way I do about this school you would have to come here and see for yourself and have your own experiences.
R. E. Carr

Miss you Sensei! Best decade of my life. Never met anyone like Kevin. The most dedicated, professional, hard working, patient, and modest person you'll ever know.
Nuke G.

As a student I can say that joining the academy has been a great journey. Over the last year I found not only a great discipline but an excellent group of martial artists always willing to go the extra mile to pass knowledge.

Sensei Kevin is a great inspiration and a guide through the multiple disciplines he teaches in the academy. With a longstanding history in the Burlington area, the dojo teaches young kids and adults alike.
I strongly recommend the academy to anyone wanting to learn a discipline, friends and in the process, learn skills to defend yourself and your family.
Alex S.

"You can’t find a more dedicated true teacher of multiple disciplines of martial arts at a school that naturally creates an environment of friendship and camaraderie! The children’s program is so great for any child to learn confidence and discipline in a good way that they enjoy and thrive!
Check out this exceptional school of confidence and great teaching of martial arts." Steven Guy

I have been associated with Pence Self Defense for more than a decade now. Both my sons started there as pre teens and now they are grown men. Although we moved out of Burlington, we never stopped coming to Pence Self Defense because we knew Kevin was the best teacher my children could ever have. I am so grateful to Kevin and his team of teachers for their unconditional love, support and acceptance for everyone who comes to their dojo but especially for the vulnerable population and people with intellectual challenges like my older son with down syndrome.
You guys are indeed the best. God bless you.
Sandhya Sharma